Hope and Tragedy

from by Ghost Story

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    They so naughty



There’s a place where all our dreams have come to take place
and for all your conquests, you fail to know her name
I've seen them kiss as you close your eyes
Trading and passing, all your wishes for lies

These sisters, seem to be more before they seem to be not
and your hands, will do but receive
and when they pass, poison in glances which you take in stares
peering over
garden walls, so sure of what was there

the best of lies past with ease through both light and shadow
but they take hold, best amongst the shade of sorrow
they are born, as soon as the seed takes shape
the whispers that we give ourselves, as we give away

(I say I've seen)
But there’s no way to be sure
but I still bear the burns
that mean I have kissed her before
So let your hands grasp, and pull and tug
So let your hands grasp... and pull and tug

So set the flame and watch them burn

(and I’m sure)
When your steps give no speed
When your breath gives, no release
When your breath gives...

Close your hands
So you can pray
Hope you had
Is tragedy
Close your hands
and take the flame
the hope you had is tragedy


from Ghost Story, released December 21, 2009



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